About Us

Red Media history, team, and skills



We meet with you to assess the project, your target audience, goals, team, budget, milestones. Our role is to ask the right questions, that help make the bigger picture clearer .


We study all the variables and present you with the best solution as how to execute your project technically and manage your content to allow higher traffic for your website.


We develop for you a full implementation for the solution, hosting it, training your staff plus preparing your social media pages to be ready to start your content.


Red Media is a company located in Cairo – Egypt, we specialize in websites development, content management, and social media representation. We also provide consulting services to help website owners manage their own content, technical changes, traffic, SEO, and all the hidden details.

Red Media has been developing websites since 2002, our team of technical engineers and copy writers have many years of experience on how to manage a strong website that can lead to a new success story for your clients.

Our technical engineers have worked on projects in Canada, USA, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia. Our senior editors and content management consultants are pioneers in the middle east and Africa in handling Arabic based websites.


We are a multi task force, our skills include Editorial, E-Marketing, SEO analysts, Technical, and Senior developers.

Editorial and Social Media

Our editors are specialized in managing different contents related to news, sports, arts ,music, cinema and theater. We have a team of Social Media editors who know how to manage your page and create an image that best reflects your website, domain or business. They have been working since Arabic websites first started in the Middle East.

Technical and Digital

We have a team of highly qualified engineers who understand the standards of website development and publishing, they have structure websites in counties as North America, Europe and Middle east. Our team of specialized engineers analyze your expected clients or audience and make your website usable for them.

  •  117 Abd El-Aziz Fahmy street
          8th Floor Nozha - Cairo Egypt
  •   +2 0111 1684800
  •   +2 0100 3891119
  • Info@RedMedia.co